Fencing Fundamentals: Posts & Braces

Pasture Management product specialists share information on topics ranging from choosing the right post for your project to fence bracing.

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6 Tips to Building a Long-Lasting Fence

Pasture Management’s commitment to strong fences that last longer, keep animals contained, and keep everyone around them safe runs deep in the company. Nothing is more stressful than falling behind on work because you had to stop and fix a fence that failed to keep your livestock enclosed and safe or keep pests out of a certain area on your property. In order to build a long-lasting fence, there are six essential tips to keep in mind. Tip #1:...

CCA -Treated to Stand the Test of Time.

CCA is short for chromated copper arsenate and is used for pressure treating agriculture wood posts to prevent rot, decay, and insect damage. We manufacture our wood posts to various lengths and diameters using only southern yellow pine. After a period of drying, we pressure-treat them with CCA to preserve the wood. The retention standard for CCA in treated posts in the agricultural industry is .40 pounds of preservative per cubic foot (pcf). We do not recommend using wood posts for fencing...