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Why Electric Fencing?

When Pasture Management started, electric fencing was a founding product line. Since the beginning, we have encouraged our customers to implement rotational grazing practices using temporary electric fencing materials. We are your one-stop-shop for all the fencing products you will need for a grazing scenario. Whether the goal is to keep animals off your fence, minimize fencing expenses, or increase forage, we have what you need to do it. Let’s dive into when electric fencing is important...

6 Tips to Building a Long-Lasting Fence

Pasture Management’s commitment to strong fences that last longer, keep animals contained, and keep everyone around them safe runs deep in the company. Nothing is more stressful than falling behind on work because you had to stop and fix a fence that failed to keep your livestock enclosed and safe or keep pests out of a certain area on your property. In order to build a long-lasting fence, there are six essential tips to keep in mind. Tip #1:...