Why Electric Fencing?

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When Pasture Management started, electric fencing was a founding product line. Since the beginning, we have encouraged our customers to implement rotational grazing practices using temporary electric fencing materials. We are your one-stop-shop for all the fencing products you will need for a grazing scenario. Whether the goal is to keep animals off your fence, minimize fencing expenses, or increase forage, we have what you need to do it. Let’s dive into when electric fencing is important on any type of operation or homestead.

Keeping animals off the wire fence

Livestock are prone to rubbing on the fence when in containment areas. This puts significant pressure on the fence and adds stress on any type of wire. By adding one or two electric wires to your fence line, you build a psychological barrier for the livestock as well as a physical barrier. Because the livestock will learn to avoid the fence, the wire will face less stress and last longer, adding years to the lifespan of your fence.

Minimize fencing expenses

Electric fencing is the perfect solution for making temporary grazing paddocks in your pastures. With it being portable and easy to install, it allows you the flexibility you need while also saving you time and money. Using a strong solar or battery-powered energizer, high conductivity polywire, rope, braid, or tape (see our previous blog to learn more about the different types of polyfence), and step-in posts are the best way to fence in multiple grazing paddocks. Our temporary electric fences are a safer and more efficient way to deter livestock from approaching your fence line than barbed wire fences. To learn more about our temporary fencing products, check out our Temporary Fencing: Rotational Grazing 101 blog!

Increase your forage

Producers know just how important having high-quality grass is for their livestock. In many cases, rotational grazing increases the yield and profitability of not just your livestock, but your land as well. It motivates livestock to eat all of the available forage in the grazing paddock before rotating them to another paddock. With reduced input expenses for the livestock and the land, the more profit your operation makes.

Electric fencing has so many advantages when it comes to protecting your fence line and land, minimizing expenses, and increasing the quality and availability of forage on your operation. To learn more about the different types of electric fence wire we offer and what type of electric fencing is the best option for you, contact a dealer closest to you! There is no reason to put off maximizing your inputs and increasing your profits any longer.