In 1986, a wire salesman and budding entrepreneur named Hugh Facey found himself on a wet hillside in Wales discussing the woes of fencing with a frustrated farmer. Aggravated by bending and knotting fence wires, the farmer complained about the lack of alternatives. Hugh listened intently and was soon convinced he could think up a better way of connecting two pieces of wire together. Thus, the idea for the Gripple was born. Developed over the next two years in Sheffield, the original Gripple was launched in the UK in 1988. Three years later, Gripple Ltd. came into existence, and throughout the 1990s the name Gripple became synonymous with fencing and trellising. Today, millions of Gripple products have been sold in over 75 countries around the world.

Gripple is the fastest way to install & repair wire fence and brace fence posts, 4x faster than traditional methods. The Gripple Plus joiners connect all types of wire fencing and can be re-tensioned anytime with the Gripple Torq Tensioning Tool. Gripples eliminate the need for ratchet strainers, stretchers, come-alongs, knots, and crimps, saving time, labor, and materials for every fence-building project.