Wire Coatings

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The type of coating applied to the wire is the difference between wire that starts to rust after the winter months and wire that will not show rust for 20 years or more. Even the strongest wire cannot withstand natural elements that cause steel to corrode and rust. To protect the steel, a zinc coating is applied during the wire galvanization process. In the United States, there are 3 primary levels of zinc coating.

Class 3 galvanized wire is the industry standard for durability because it has substantially higher concentrations of zinc than Class 1. The higher the concentration of zinc coating, the longer the fence keeps from corrosion and rusting. All items in the Pasture Management Wire brand are coated Class 3 and certified to meet the ASTM: A116, 641, or 121 requirements.

Class Longevity
Class 3 20+ year rust prevention
Class 1 Rusts in 4 years
Commercial Rusts in 6 months